Blue and yellow light for laser cooling of erbium atoms
A laser-slowed beam of erbium atoms emitted from an atomic oven
Our all-titanium vacuum chamber for magneto-optical trapping
Glass ‘science cell’ in which the quantum degenerate atomic gas will be prepared and studied

We investigate the quantum behaviour of many-particle systems using dilute atomic vapours cooled down to a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero, millions of times colder than interstellar space. At these temperatures the atoms play by the rulebook of quantum physics, and can be manipulated using intricately sculpted laser beams and magnetic fields. The philosophy is to engineer custom-made quantum worlds, with exquisite control over trapping geometry, interparticle interactions, quantum statistics, and gauge fields, and explore the emergence of collective physics from the interplay of these few ingredients. These platforms provide both a powerful testbed for theory, and a wonderful playground for discovering new phenomena and realising exotic states of matter. This approach allows us to explore the physics of many-particle systems which underpins ‘real world’ materials, study fundamental quantum science, and look for ways to leverage the useful properties which emerge.

The group is based within the Research Laboratory of Electronics and the Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms. Please visit the People tab to meet the team, Research and Publications to learn more about what we do, and Contact and Opportunities for ways to get involved.